Monday, January 25, 2010

I am very tired at the moment...

I'm trying to visit the 157 blogs that are up on the OWOH page at this moment, but it's hard.
I am so very tired. My wrists ache, I have fever, my head ache, I feel slightly nauseous...

I just wanted to share part of a dream I had last night: I made a bet with my brother-in-law, on which one manages first to make 100 craft projects all in different techniques!
I don't even know if there are 100 different craft techniques!

There's knitting and crochet, and weaving, and tatting, bobbin lace, macramé, other laces, there's sewing and quilting and patchwork - I suppose one can count those as different techniques. There's applique and cross-stitch, and embroidery... and felting... and paper crafts... and... er... basketry and beading... and... er... well... one can also work with clay and wood and metal and... er...
I really don't know!

But it's a great challenge, don't you think :-D

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