Friday, January 29, 2010

I have been thinking about the 100 techniques...

I would really like to make cabinets of cardboard and embroidered fabric... You know, like Jean Fletcher's stumpwork cabinet.
I would like to make all kinds of boxes, storages, caddies and what-nots of cardboard and fabric...
I have been having ideas of stumpwork Tree of Life with a man and a woman sitting under the tree, in baroque outfits, like Adam and Eve actually not too unhappy for needing to be adults :-D There's a lot of benefits and joys in being an adult. It's not all bad, you know :-D
And the stumpwork and the drawers would melt together into an intricate artwork, picture...

Or like this "unfolding treasures" Indian jewelry box they are selling at The Rainforest Site, to help people help themselves.
Think a box like that, but with an artwork on one side... so it's a picture frame, with a secret ;-)
The boxes don't need to be square. One can make this also thinner, so the "surprise" is bigger :-D

And look at this vintage sewing caddy! I have always drooled over these things, and it wasn't until recently I realized that I don't need to just drool, I can make this of cardboard!
I can make a new one, just for spools, if I ever get that many :-)

Here's a bit more "messy organizing" :-) I love things like that! Both images from Paper Pastries

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