Saturday, January 30, 2010

I love peacocks

I was thinking of starting a peacock blog, like skull a day, but the thing is that I can't produce peacocks in that speed, and even though it would be ok to post other's creations as "education and critique", I'm not all too comfortable with that...

Nevertheless, there's several blog candy and give away thingies going on in the internet, and one of them is a peacock clutch! It's Give-away Diva, who is offering a chance to use her blog to Rosemary, who makes pretty clutches and sells them at Etsy (Clutch That!), to give away one of the clutches... and she loves peacocks too! There's plenty of peacock clutches in her shop, made of beautiful peacock brocades, prints and embroideries... :-) Very pretty :-)
One of the good things with this is, that even though most of the blog candy/give aways on-line are for USonians or North Americans only, this isn't :-)

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