Saturday, February 05, 2011

Coffee bags

In Finland they are making things of empty coffee bags. Coffee is sold in thick plastic bags.

When the bag is empty, it folds into a flat, square piece of tough plastic one can sew and do different things with. In Finland they have been making hot mats and bags.

Here's how to make a hot pad: Kirsti-mummon pannunalunen

The bag can be made by first cutting and sewing the bags into strips that are then woven like a chip or shingle basket (split basket?). In Finland they used to make a lot of different things of birch bark.
Another way of making the bag is by using the coffee bags as fabric and patching them together into a bag. The coffee bags are tough and durable enough to be sewn.
I live in Sweden and we don't drink coffee, so I have started looking at our dog's food bags with lusty eyes...
P.S: Frolic is a quite nice blog... ;-)

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Anna Lear said...

Wow, what a totally cool idea! We now have the same type of bags here for some brands of coffee, and I never thought about using them this way. I also love your idea for dog food bags!