Monday, January 31, 2011

Still thinking about Etsy

I have been dreaming of an Etsy shop since I learned about it. I cannot have one, because I have no credit card.
(Now, there are other venues, like Folksy, ArtFire and DaWanda, and eBay isn't too bad an option either... but they are not Etsy... :-D)

So I have been looking around in the internet trying to figure out what I could be selling in my shop, and collecting ideas and thoughts in a book.

I am a craftswoman, I can do about anything textile, like spinning, weaving, knitting, crochet, sewing, patchworks, appliqué, macramé, quilting, lace in several different ways, and so on and so forth. I am also really good with paper and cardboard. (Fiber, isn't it?)
I am also a not too bad an artist.
[Funnily, I was looking at my book, and noticed that I had classified a lot of "art" projects as "paper craft" projects :-D To me things like scraps and paper dolls are not art, but pure craft. That's how "renaissance woman" I am :-D (To those who might not understand, or be sure, that means that there is no difference between art and craft.)]

But, several years ago I was thinking about [---] and to my irritation, someone else was thinking about it too, and now she has started a company specializing in [---] or similar items, and everyone is amazed by her ideas... *sigh* I wish... but no. There's plenty of ideas in the world, and several people get the same ideas at the same time. I didn't run with it, so the God of Ideas decided to give it to someone who ran... But... it is a bit irritating, anyway, as one of the reasons why I'm interested in Etsy is that as I am slightly disabled at the moment, I don't have much money, and I'd like to earn a little bit more, and arts and crafts is what I do.
Anyway, good luck to her and her company. May she thrive and prosper :-)

Yes, I'm babbling. Anyway, as I surf and look for ideas and inspiration, I find things. This time I found yubinukis...
People are making rings and bracelets and all kinds of things with this technique. Reminds me of temari balls. Very pretty.

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