Thursday, March 15, 2012

Make something 365

Make Something 365 & get UNSTUCK

I actually started a Peacock-a-day blog several years ago...I think I managed a week or so :-D
Besides, I would have started posting someone else's images, and that would not have been... purposeful, I suppose. What ever.

I would like to have 365 hairdos...
Or 365 pin-ups - like Les Toil girls or Hilda

Some of the participating blogs I like:

Librarian's Daughter
365 Days of Me
365 days of craft
I like these ACEOs.  It might be interesting to produce 5 tarot decks...
Recycle Girl
Lori Weitzel's inspiration boards
Hyesu Lee's Dear Anne - to write a letter every day to a dear friend... wow.
Puppet-a-day is a nice idea too... perhaps I'd finally got my hand puppet theater done! .-D
A Granny A Day - she's crocheting granny squares... but portraying a grandmother every day might be a very interesting project too... or a Crone-A-Day...
Life in a Bell Jar
Play by Play - a year of "elf on the shelf" :-D (I think of Juanita... She would be perfect for something like this .-D)
365 days and one knight
365 days of Gnome
Stormtroopers 365

365 Pinterest is also interesting, even though I don't think that's part of the 365 challenge.

It might be fun to make a card a day or scrapbook layout... Or springer spaniels. Or paisley. Masks would be fun too... And trees.
I wonder if I could find 365 make-up tutorials to try... and become really good at applying my own make-up :-D
I could make a book cover every day.
I could make a Polyvore set every day.
I could have Sabbath every day, where I make holiday related stuff 1 1/2 month for each of the 8 Pagan sabbaths...
Or finally making my peacock crazy quilt... a square a week, stitch a day?
Corset a day? Corset a week would perhaps be a better goal :-D
Fox a day?
Suffragette-a-day? Re-creating suffragette memorabilia, and on busy days suffragette jewelry ;-)
What about a book a day or an album a day?
Or colors...
And calligraphy - or inspiration cards - or letter S?
Pagan writing prompts :-D
Or perhaps learning to bake properly... baking challenge 365. I wonder who'd eat everything I bake...
I'd like making portraits... not photos, but paintings or drawings. Or perhaps painting animals. Perhaps odd animals. Like aardvarks and such. :-D My husband would love me even more if I did that :-D
Altered fashion doll a day?
Steampunk projects? League of extraordinary gentlemen and -women?
Designing a new t-shirt for my Zazzle shop?

365 being silly would be nice :-D
Or "scare yourself every day"
What about Judy Chicago's Dinner Party? A vulva a day?

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