Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Paper doll

This is my first (and perhaps the only) entry to Gudrun Sjöden contest... It's a book doll - the skirt is a book with inspirational quotes and such. It's made of Gudrun's catalogs and an old telephone book. She's a bit too thin, but - I like her :-) My husband wanted to name her "Ms Directory Assistance" - because she's made of a phone book.

I would very much like to win 10.000 kronas present card and buy Gudrun's clothes, even though most of them are too small for me. *sigh*

I am also rather excited and nervous about a health test I'm going to take tomorrow... It's quite an interesting thing... it's based on an old Chinese medicine, and how the Chinese doctors were able to determine a person's health by heartbeat only... now some Ukrainian doctor has developed a computer program that does it for you... I'm rather eager to find out what it tells about me... and if the test itself is free, but you have to pay several thousands to get the results :-D

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