Monday, April 16, 2012

First repaint and some criticism

First try

I chose one I think was ugly. She has the "generation girl" face mold with the weird tilted, thin eyes make-up and she had a really weird hairdo.

I hate doing eye make-up... I suppose the more I do, the better I get... and when I practice in 1:6 scale, doing my own make-up won't be a problem :-D (At least I hope so...)
The right eye and eyebrow are always better...

I also had some problems with her mouth.

I need to figure out how to keep the acrylics fluid for longer time... I suppose I need to get some "slow dry liquid" or "extender" for acrylics. (And better acrylics than the cheap Chinese crap. It kept flaking. I'm pretty sure I can get a better results with better quality acrylics.)

Then I need to add some gloss to her eyes and mouth. I wonder if I can use clear nail polish...

Other things: I need better light, better glasses and better brushes.
I need to practice using a thin brush.
I need to sand her body. It's way too shiny.
And I need a better camera...  *sigh*

I am not at all happy about this new bellybutton body mold. Her body is too long to her legs. Her breasts are weird. The worst part is nevertheless the sway back. I have always found that ugly, and it's also unhealthy. The condition is called "lordosis", saddle-back.

... but I suppose...
"The seductive female gesture
in which the Lumbar Lordosis is exaggerated to accentuate the buttocks,
and the head is turned invitingly back toward the viewer,
has been called the “Lordosis Pose”."
Edith La Sylphe
invented the “Sylphide”corset, making the very unhealthy 'snake silhouette' popular. c.1900

Nevertheless, I feel like cutting her in half and reattaching the body parts, but so that the side seam gets straight - with a good, healthy posture.
And some 20 pounds more wouldn't do her any harm... I want to add her about half an inch more on waist and give her bigger, more natural breasts that hang lower on her chest. And more muscles on arms.


Anonymous said...

You are dumb and such a hater some of us naturally have lordosis & can do nothing about it! The fact that you say that it is ugly is very immature not all females do the lordosis pose some of us actually just have our body like that! I have been struggling with it for years and screw you and anyone who makes fun of it. I'm glad they made barbie that way not everyone has the same body some of us r different!

Ketutar said...

Firstly, as we seem to be in the business of stating the obvious, not everyone likes the same things, not everyone finds everything esthetically pleasing, and there's nothing "dumb" or "hateful" or "immature" about that.

Secondly, what I find ugly has nothing to do with you, even if I might find YOU ugly.

You were born with lordosis, you have my compassion. But I'm sure you are just as beautiful, worthy and nice a person as anyone else, so there really is no excuse for your outburst.

Also, if you read carefully what I actually wrote, you might notice that I didn't say anything about "all females do the lordosis pose". *I* am aware of that the CONDITION of lordosis and the POSE are two different things. *You* might need to find out what the words I use mean, to better understand what I say.

I can't see where you think I'm making fun of lordosis.

I am of the opinion that the people who made the new Barbie body mold should not have used a body affected by a medical condition as an example, but I also assume that this "lordosis POSE" use of the modern society - as seen in the movie poster and the new Barbie body mold - is due to the oversexualisation of women.
And I don't like that either.

*I* am talking about MY personal opinion, and if you don't like it, don't. You don't need to agree with me, you don't need to like my opinion, you don't need to find the same things pleasing I do. You don't need to read my blog.

You're happy with the new body mold. Good for you.
I am not and this is my blog, so I say what *I* think.
You disagree? Go ahead.
You get upset? Your problem.
I am not going to change my opinion or preferences just because you think I'm dumb and immature "hater". I don't agree with you on that, so I suppose we are even >:->

So, screw you too, my dear.

Anonymous said...

You're hideous so what you think is ugly is kind if irrelevant.

Ketutar said...

Funnily I agree with you about me being hideous, so as we both agree on what's ugly, then you are invalidating your own opinion as well... As if that was needed, as you already invalidated it by posting anonymously :-D

You know that only cowards post nasty comments anonymously, and it's better to be ugly than a coward.
This is internet. Come on, what's the worst that can happen to you if you actually stood by your opinions and gave them a little bit more weight? If not even you believe in what you say, why would anyone else?

People's looks have no connection to their opinion on beauty. But I suppose you are not only a coward, you're stupid too, so you can't understand how things hang together.

If you really believed it's irrelevant what I think is ugly - which it is, to you - you wouldn't care to comment this entry.

Whether you are the same anonymous already commenting, or her friend or who ever, you really need to understand that.
My opinion is 100% irrelevant to you.
You don't need to care one bit about what I or anyone else says.

All that matters to you is what YOU think.
Try to understand that all the world and some people on the internet whom you don't even know, DON'T NEED TO THINK ANYTHING ABOUT YOU.


That is really the only opinion that matters to you.
If YOU are telling you you are ugly, it doesn't matter what the rest of the world tells you.
If YOU tell yourself you are beautiful, the rest of the world can be yelling at you how ugly you are, and you don't care.
Haters will hate, huh?