Sunday, April 15, 2012

Now I have barbie-dolls...

I bought 15 dolls from Tradera (eBay) to have material when learning to customize fashion dolls. They cost me about 3 dollars a doll. I'm going to keep three of these as they are, and give one ("12 dancing princesses Genevieve - the one in red dress - she has boxes for batteries in her tighst and her dress "pins and lights up") to my niece, but the rest is going to get an extreme make-over :-D

Most of these dolls are from 21st century, and I'm sad to say that the quality of the new dolls is awful. I can understand why today's small girls won't have the same relationship to their dolls my generation has with ours. In this lot is two dolls with bending arms and legs, and those are dingling quite loose in the joints. Nevertheless, it feels awful to start "mauling" these dolls... But - I want to learn how to customize these dolls.

I mean... look at her! SHE'S A BARBIE!!! 
I wish one day I'll be even half as good as this... :-)
Well... I just need to dare to start playing with my new dolls :-D

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