Tuesday, August 15, 2006


This is what I am currently doing. The pink bag is the little unsuccessful effort of making the "French Marketbag". On the right is the blue "White Lies Shapely Tank" - I'm going to make it with sleeves. It's a bit bothersome job, because I have to multiply my main cotton yarn. I'm using a large cone of one-ply cotton, and I am using it 4-plied. And I don't want to just use four yarn balls, so I'm spinning it into yarn. And I have to wash it so that the spin relaxes, so... it takes time. But I'm sure the top will be nice.
The multidirectional, orange thingy is "The Felted Bag with Mitered Squares". It's the current knit-a-long project. I am using the one-ply wool yarn I have plant dyed myself, three-plied, so that I get the colors to mix better. I don't like the bamboo handles, so I'm knitting the handles. It's going to be interesting to see how it works in felting... I'm considering giving the bag away in a swap, but I might want to give it to my mom instead, as a Yule present.

I really have been a bad girl with my swaps. My poor One Skein pal haven't got more than one skein, and she should have got already two AND the final thingy... I'm going to send her something extra, as thanks for her patience with me.
And my Secret Pal is also going to get a BIG package this month... I hope at least that 10 days are enough to get the package to Australia...

I would actually like to be doing some Mabon crafts, but I don't have time for that. Perhaps I need to draw down all the swaps for a while at least... *blush*

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