Monday, August 21, 2006

Sock Wars

Ok, I joined the sock wars :-) Perhaps idiotic, because I live in Sweden. I'm pretty fast at knitting socks, but... I live in Sweden. It takes at least 4 days to get anything to US... So - what happens, if I have sent my sock to kill my "victim", but someone else have sent her sock to kill me at the same time? I have to wait to get the sock from my victim before I can sent it to my killer, and during that time someone else might have killed my killer, and SHE needs to send the sock to the next killer, and... Er...

It sounds really funny! :-D And it will be nice to get a pair of socks :-)

So, please join you too! Go to Yarn Monkey's blog ( and send her a message :-) You have about a month to join :-)

The battleground will be the Sock Wars Forum :-) Now BE THERE!

P.S. It's ok to practice a bit ;-)
Two socks on one circular needle - toe-up
Two socks on one circular needle
Casting on for two socks on one circular needle
Straight-laced socks - two at once on one needle :-)


Alice said...

Maybe the person trying to kill you will be in the US and they have the same shipping constraints? ANd, more likely and unlucky for them...They are trying to kill you in far away sweden but their stalker just lives 50 miles away in the next state...dum, dum, dum.......The gods may favor you!

zoetegoed said...

The sock in the picture...did you design it? That is a great ideafor a knit!

Ketutar said...

LOL Yes, I did :-)
I was thinking of a really colorful sock for my hubby and playing with the colors :-)
Be free to use what ever there is to be used :-)