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Crochet Talk's Ultimate Crocheted Kitchen Gift Basket

I love the "Crochet Talk's Ultimate Crocheted Kitchen Gift Basket" - it's so beautifully organized and someone has really worked a lot to put everything in neat little boxes :-) The only problem is that it was created 2000 and now is 2007... a LOT happens in 7 years.

So - here's the updated version of it.

The idea is to crochet one item a week and thus create a nice gift basket in a month without much work. All you need to do is to pick a theme and crochet :-)

*** The pattern is at freepatterns.com. All the patterns there are free FOR MEMBERS - but it doesn't cost anything. You just need to register...

Theme: Apples and Other Fruits & Veggies

Week 1 - Potholders

Apple Potholder
Banana Bunch Potholder
Watermelon Potholder
Strawberry Potholder - the site is a little aggravating, and the pattern is on a word document, no pictures
Cherry Potholders*** (Crochet | Home Décor | Potholders & Hot Pads)
Cucumber & Corn Panhandlers
Dimensional Pumpkin Potholder
Watermelon Potholder
Strawberry Pocket Potholder
Strawberry Pocket Potholder
Perky Pumpkin Potholder
Grape Potholder
apple handle cover (pocket potholder)
melon handle cover (pocket potholder)
carrot handle cover
corn on the cob handle cover
cucumber handle cover

Week 2 - Hotpads and Fridgies

Grape bottlecap Trivet
grape bottle cap trivet - three sizes
Apple Hot Pad
Tomato Hotpad
Watermelon “Slice of Summer CD hotpad”
Pineapple Hotpad
Hot Pepper Hot Pad*** (Crochet | Home Décor | Potholders & Hot Pads)

Ornamental Corn Fridgie
Watermelon Magnet*** (Crochet | Home Décor | Kitchen Accessories)
Green Apple Fridgie
Apple Fridgie I
Apple Fridgie II
Banana Fridgie
Bunch of Carrots Fridgie
Carrot Fridgie
Ear of Corn Fridgie
Watermelon Wedge Fridgie
Strawberry Fridgie
Strawberry Applique (suitable for fridgie - PDF file!)
Pineapple Fridge Magnet
Lettuce Magnets
Grape Fridgie
Fruit Fridgies - lemon, orange and strawberry

Week 3 - Dishcloths and Scrubbies

Apple Scrubber

Week 4 - Towels, Toweltoppers & Aprons - Coasters

You can use any simple pattern for towel, toweltopper and apron; just add a button that fits the theme, or use fridgies as appliques.

towels and toppers at Martha's
towels and toppers at Crochet Pattern Central
Pumpkin Towel Ring

Basic Apron
Crocheted Apron
Daisy Apron (just replace the daisy with a suitable figure)

Apple Coaster I
Apple Coaster II
Watermelon Coaster
Pumpkin Coaster
Watermelon Set
Pineapple Coaster

Extras - can be done at any time

Amanda's Apple Placemat
Apple Placemat & Napkin Ring
Apple Placemat
Apple Filet Mat
Watermelon Set - coaster, napkin ring and can holder
Watermelon Place Mat Set*** (Crochet | Home Décor | Kitchen Accessories)
Delicious Dining*** - Apple placemats, hotpads etc. (Crochet | Home Décor | Potholders & Hot Pads)

Apple Bookmark
Strawberry Bookmark - the site is a little aggravating, and the pattern is on a word document, no pictures
Carrot Bookmark
Ear of Corn Bookmark
Watermelon Bookmark
Apple Bookmark*** (Crochet | Home Décor | Book Accessories)

Apple Sachet
Apple Tote
Strawberry Pouch
Strawberry 'Jamma Bag
Mini-Apple Pomander

Stuffed Apples
Bushel of Apples - small, stuffed apples
Hanging Chili Peppers
Tomato, stuffed
Small Onion and Turnip
Carrots and Chili Peppers
Easter Crochet Carrot
Chocolate Covered Strawberries
Delicious Strawberries - with and without chocolate
Stuffed Pumpkin

Apple String Holder
Apple Bag Holder
Bunch of Grapes doily - PDF file
Grape Shade Pull
Grapes Canister Covers
Lemon Grove Kitchen Set; rug, stool cover and pot holder
Watermelon Rug

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It is so kind of you to share so many wonderful patterns. I can hardly wait to get started. Happy New Year, Sheila Pike, United States