Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Ultimate Kitchen Gift Basket III

The image is from "The Lady's Album of Fancy Work" and the pattern n:o's 28 and 29.

The third update on "Crochet Talk's Ultimate Crocheted Kitchen Gift Basket".

The idea is to crochet one item a week and thus create a nice gift basket in a month without much work. All you need to do is to pick a theme and crochet :-)

*** The pattern is at All the patterns there are free FOR MEMBERS - but it doesn't cost anything. You just need to register...

Theme: Sunflowers & Other Flowers

Week 1 - Potholders

Floral Potholder
Daisy/Sunflower Potholder
Sunflower Potholder
Flower Potholder
Daffodil Potholder
Little Bouquet Potholder
Pretty Rose Potholder
Festive Flower (Christmas) Potholder
Dahlia Potholder
Rose Pocket Potholder
Daisy Pot Holder*** (Crochet | Home Décor | Potholders & Hot Pads)
Pansy Pocket Pot Holder*** (Crochet | Home Décor | Potholders & Hot Pads)
Rose Pocket Pot Holder*** (Crochet | Home Décor | Potholders & Hot Pads)
Grape, Buttercup and Poppy potholders
Petals potholder
Tulip Potholder
Flowers potholder
Pansy Petals potholder
Rose Granny Square potholder
Four Roses granny square potholder

Week 2 - Hotpads and Fridgies

Flower Hotpad
Oh So Daisy Hotpad
Pretty Rose Hotpad
Medallion Hot Pad*** (Crochet | Home Décor | Potholders & Hot Pads)
Daisy/Sunflower Hotpad & Fridgie

Sunflower Fridgie
Sunflower Fridgie
Basket of Sunflowers Fridgie
Sunflower Fridgie
Daffodil Fridgie
Picture Frame Daisy Magnet

Week 3 - Dishcloths and Scrubbies

Floral Dishcloth
Daisy/Sunflower Dishcloth & Scrubbie
Sunflower Dishcloth
Flower Dishcloth
Shell Flower Dishcloth

Sunflower scrubbie
Flower Scrubbies*** (Crochet | Home Décor | Kitchen Accessories)

Week 4 - Towels & Aprons and Coasters

Floral Towel Holder
Daisy/Sunflower Towel Ring
Towel Holder
Christmas Rose Towel Ring

Floral Coaster
Daisy/Sunflower Coaster
Flower Coaster
Sunflower Coaster
Sunflower or Daisy Coaster


Sunflower Placemat
Daisy Centerpeace / Placemat
Pretty Rose Kitchen Set; Round Hot Plate Mat, Napkin holder decoration, Potholder and Platter Mat

Sunflower Basket/Bowl
Flower Petal Bowl

Sunflower Sachet
Flowery summer bag
Floral Tote
Lotus Flower bag

Rosy Teacosy
Foxglove Teacosy

Daisy/Sunflower Napkin Ring
Flower Petal Napkin Ring
Flower Napkin Rings

Pansy Bookmark
Climbing Flowers Bookmark*** (Crochet | Home Décor | Book Accessories)
Violet Bookmark*** (Crochet | Home Décor | Book Accessories)

Flower Pens
Flower Power Rug (this is a free pattern for members (membership free), and they are for a limited time only.)
Daffodil utensil holder
Pansy Promise Wreath*** (Crochet | Home Décor | Kitchen Accessories)
Blue Pansy (looks more like heraldic rose to me, but...) - to be used as applique for aprons etc.
Sunflower Toaster Cover
Giant Sunflower Doily (No, the doily isn't giant, the sunflower is...)

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