Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Ultimate Kitchen Gift Basket IV

What to use as the "basket", what to use to line it, what else could you put into the basket...

We are still on "Crochet Talk's Ultimate Crocheted Kitchen Gift Basket"

Crocheted Container Ideas

Casserole Cover
Pie Plate Cover
Q Hook Basket
Square & Rectangular Pan Covers
- you need to browse down
Milk Glass Casserole Cover

Christmas Tote (can use as a gift bag)
Fiesta Tote
Leaping deer mesh market bag
Net Bag (bag of balls)
other bags, totes, purses, pouches etc.
more patterns

Rag Crochet Basket
Beaded Jute Basket
crocheted basket patterns

Canister Covers

Thanksgiving cornucopia

Other Container Ideas

Cinnamon Dough Basket
Coiled Fabric Basket
Baker's Clay Bread Basket
Colorful Spirals Coiled Baskets
Country Coiled Rag Basket

Bread basket
Mixing bowl
Cookie jar
Collector tin

Basket Liner Ideas

Edged Basket Cloth
Crocheted Doilies
Kitchen Towel

Other Neat Stuff

Candle and Soap Making at
Flavored Oils & Vinegars
Gel Air Freshener
Homemade soaps

Gifts in a Jar
Gift in a jar

Kitchen Mix Gifts - with free recipes, ideas for mixes and gifts in a jar and free printables, like toppers, wrappers, tags and labels.

Recipe Cards, Shopping Lists & Gift Tags to print
HP's Recipe Cards (Search with "recipe cards")
Alenka's Free Printables, for example recipe cards, candy wrappers, lunch box notes, envelopes for tea bags, coffee and hot chocolate, labels, popcorn wrappers etc.
Canning Printables
Sheryl's Originals Recipe Cards
Kay's Kreations Recipe Cards and other printables
Grandma George's Candy Wrappers, Recipe Cards and Canning Labels
Recipe Cards, Shopping Lists, Gift Tags & To Do Lists
Gift-Giving Tags
Recipe-Cards, Kitchen Gift Tags, Shopping Lists, Kitchen Gift Bags and Boxes, Kitchen Labels
Printable Note Papers, Lists, Recipe Cards and Labels

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