Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Pineapples, stars and hearts...

This is "Mom's Pineapple Basket" from Crochet Memories

Pineapple in the title has nothing to do with the fruit, and all to do with this particular crochet pattern. It is very popular and impressive pattern, and rather easy, I think. Anyway, it is one third of the second theme at Crochet Talk's Ultimate Crocheted Kitchen Gift Basket

The idea is to crochet one item a week and thus create a nice gift basket in a month without much work. All you need to do is to pick a theme and crochet :-)

*** The pattern is at freepatterns.com. All the patterns there are free FOR MEMBERS - but it doesn't cost anything. You just need to register...

Hearts, Stars & Pineapples

Week 1 - Potholders

Valentine Potholder
Textured Heart Potholder
Heart Potholder
Country Love Potholder
4th of July Potholder - stars and stripes
star potholder - round PDF
Round star flower potholder
star potholder
heart with a bow potholder
Ruffled heart potholder

Week 2 - Hotpads and Fridgies

Textured Heart Hotpad
Star Hotpad
Star Hotpad

Pineapple Butterfly Fridgie
Double Hearts Fridgie
Stars fridgies
Pineapple Swan Fridgie

Heart Hotpad

Week 3 - Dishcloths and Scrubbies

Textured Heart Dishcloth
Star Dishcloth
Star Dishcloth
Janelle's Star Dishcloth
Reversible Star Dishcloth
Country Heart Coaster
Heart Baby Washcloth
Heart Scrubbie
Heart Dishcloth
Round Heart Dishcloth
Fans and Pineapples dishcloth
Panda Pineapple Square - fit for a thread dishcloth

Week 4 - Towels, Toweltoppers & Aprons - Coasters

Christmas star towel topper
Textured heart towel topper

Quick Pineapple Coaster
Pineapple coaster
Pineapple Star coasters and doily
Valentine Coaster
Encircled Heart Coaster

Filet Heart Coaster
Frilly Heart Coaster
Heart Coaster
Heart Coaster
Heart Coaster
Encircled Heart Coaster
pineapple lunch set - "centerpiece, place doilies, bread and butter plate doilies, and glass doilies"
Country Star Coaster
Star coasters

Extras - can be done at any time

Pineapple Placemat
Hearts Placemat
Heart Garland***
Pineapple bookmark I
Ribbon and Pineapples bookmark
Pineapple bookmark II
Pineapple bookmark III
pineapple lunch set - "centerpiece, place doilies, bread and butter plate doilies, and glass doilies"
Twin pineapple heart sachets
heart milk bottle glove
Heart Baby Bib (Heart can be used also as dishcloth or hotpad)
Pineapple soap saver (or sachet)
Heart pin, swag or fridgie
Pineapple tea cosy***
lone star jar stoppers*** (Crochet | Home Décor | Decorations and knicknacks)
Heart Rag Crochet Place Mats*** (Crochet | Home Décor | Table Toppers & Centerpieces)

More pineapples; doilies etc.
More hearts; bookmarks, fridgies etc.
More stars; doilies etc.

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