Monday, February 02, 2009

Happy Imbolc, everyone!

It's monday, 2nd of February, and Imbolc. We made an early start and have celebrated the whole weekend :-D I have gained like 5 pounds or so... :-(

On Wednesday is Runeberg's day. There's a certain type of pastry that should be made to celebrate that day. Johan Ludwig Runeberg is Finland's national poet, lived some couple hundred years ago and his favorite pastry, they say, was a sort of a "clean the tables" cake - with bread and cookie crumbs in dough. It is really good, but I am not going to bake those this year.

On four days is mister's and mine 10th wedding anniversary... I can't believe we've been married in 10 years! I hope we'll get a day off, just him and me. :-)

There's other stuff happening in February too, that would be a cause to eat carbs... birthdays, Valentine's, Mardi Gras... But I am going to be strong!

But here's a pair of love birds

a wonderful "100 things I love about you"

and an all edible candy box to those who will eat candy :-)

And happy Imbolc to you :-) May the spring be bright and light and may your seeds grow :-D

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