Monday, February 16, 2009

OWOH came and went

I visited all over 900 blogs, participated in about 60 draws and won - nothing.
Yes, I'm disappointed and sad about this fact. *sigh*

Life isn't very good right now.

I better count my blessings :-)


Tracy said...

I, too, visited every one of the OWOH sites. Entered probably over 100 - bupkes.

But I found a few blogs that I've marked to go back and visit (and a couple have already made it to Bloglines).

And my sinuses are so congested that my teeth hurt.

But Mr. W. brought home 3 more boxes of tissues this morning. And my nose only hurts a little bit.

That's all of the silver linings I can find right now. Tomorrow is another day...

Debra said...

Oh I feel bad, I would have thought with 900 people everyone would have one something. Hmm, how hard would it be to send something small to Finland? Are there restrictions? Perhaps I can send you a "token" prize. I was #327 on the Caravan. Drop over and see me.

Ketutar said...

Oh, no, Debra, don't feel bad! The purpose with this is to let people meet other bloggers, to see what others are doing and getting inspired, and boy, didn't I! LOL
I have already made myself several necklaces and earrings, and started crocheting things for next year, and all the art was also very inspiring...

I love OWOH. I just get so disappointed when I don't win everything :-D But this is so sweet of you :-) I hope you don't mind if I turn down your offer?

I read your Thursday opinion about the car industry and economical plans, and I feel happy to be living in Sweden. Here we are discussing about how we can rescue SAAB and Volvo, even though they aren't Swedish anymore, but because there are some Swedish factories producing these cars and it would cause enormous damage in the society if they were put down. I don't understand either how people don't understand that "together we stand, divided we fall". Everything effects everything else. No-one lives in a vacuum.


Terri said...

if you go here you can feel like you won something a free fabric bird pattern

of if you visit me the is a free doll dress pattern to make a card

My friend Debra mentioned your blog had to stop by and share.