Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Fantasy and Craft

were the two last words of the National Crochet Month Crochet Along. Good words, together :-)

Today is April first, the April Fools' day, and I have got some good laughs today :-) GOOD laughs, not laughing at people, at people getting hurt, at people getting their food, clothes, humor and day destroyed. We haven't done anything special today, as I planned, but it's an ok day :-)

Today's blog entry will be about Fantasy and Craft. I am a bit bored and I got an extra day with the computer, you see, we share the computer, Beloved Husband and I. So we have shared the week in two, both get three days and none gets the computer on Saturdays. We will hallow our Shabat and spent it together, doing things together, things we both like :-) But today he's tired, sad and wants to sleep, so I get the computer. I use the day to surf the internet, visit all the hundreds of nice, inspiring blogs I love and celebrate the fact that the world is a small and wonderful place - I have it at my fingertips through the Internet. I think that's the best invention ever! :-D (No, it's not. I actually prefer plumbing and harnessing electricity, and nothing of this would have happened, had not someone invented the wheel LOL)

I promised to promote the Crane Project. I think the idea is lovely, to turn the death into something beautiful, but still remember it - thousands of human lives lost for nothing much... So, go and fold a couple of cranes and send them to Judy. Fold 1000 and Gods will fulfill your wish.

Angry Chicken got inspired by a fashion photo and finally found use to a small scrap of very pretty fabric. There's also some words about small pies and about the art of papercutting... That's another form of art I'd like to do. I have good lines, but my coloring skills suck :-D
I have one piece of papercutting on my wall, someone had thrown it in the carbage, because the glass had broken... (Some time ago, two papercuttings by Eva Schönberg went for 100 dollars a piece at eBay... lucky me.)

iHanna has made a book of her blog :-) Actually, she did that already a year ago, I just found out right now... There you see how often I visit her blog, even though I love it :-D

She lead me to Katie's little books, which reminds me of the amazing Arbouricon made by Lana. Lana has had some problems with her eyes, but her work is wonderful.

Then we have Art for Housewives. It is a bit confusing, but focus on the text you are reading, follow the links and enjoy. :-)

Then there's Woof Nanny's the purse project. It's like "Tie One On", but with bags, purses and totes. So - if you are into crafting bags, join the project :-)
In her blog was an entry about vintage weave-it loom - what to do with tiny woven squares. You can actually use pieces of MDF and nail nails in it, as close to each other as you can, in the shape of the piece you wish to weave, and use the technique to weave bigger pieces - like scarfs, bags, vests...

wonderful bag blog :-)

Aren't these plastic bag animals cute? I especially love the chicken :-)

I love this calendar. I thought the buttons were slotted, not fastened with velcro... you know you could have the days in long slips and button them. You could also make a big pocket with see-through plastic front on top, so you can add pictures to your calendar :-) For example your favorite photo, or some things from nature you found...

pod bead tutorial - you can do it with any form... and bigger ones become cute ornaments.
Kusudamas are really cute too.

The Folding Tree lead me to this Drawer Divider tutorial. I just don't see why they didn't paper the divider too... I don't think brown corrugated cardboard looks good nor tidy. The idea is good though. (Ehrm... I have used the idea in my kitchen drawers for several years now...)

Then some fun: Google knows... (Not really... but I found another Sanna...)

Everything your mama made and more

meet me at Mike's (not "meet meat-Mikes")

I like the idea of a magical thinking jar and wishcasting blog... but I don't like the realization... I think I would like a wishing well jar or so, write the wishes in pretty paper strips and fold them into stars and fill a decorated jar or bottle with them, and trust that the Universe fulfills my wishes...

I'll continue this tomorrow :-) Beloved wants the computer :-D

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