Friday, April 03, 2009

I keep forgetting...

I have actually made some stuff. I just keep forgetting the updating.

This guy is Judah Maccabee. I started knitting him for Chanukkah, and finished him a couple of weeks later, so you can understand that he has been sitting there on the shelf for a couple of months.

He is made by a pattern of knitted family father from a book from 70's, the moles, clothes and kippah (of course he has one) I knitted "free hand" and I have stitched him some toes, kneecaps, buttocks, breast muscles and nose ;-) Eyes, eyebrows and hair are embroidered.
(Behind him are Boris and Doris, my stoneware "staffordshire spaniels", the Chanukkiah, on right is an art plate with Russian lacquer box art and on the left is a moon landing memorial plate. I was born 1969 and I feel very connected to that event :-)

This is Manta. It was supposed to be in my Beloved Husband's Pesach Egg Surprise Calendar, but I didn't manage to finish the egg shells. I am making them of papier mache. I have three egg shells that need to be sanded, painted and decorated. I need like a dozen more.

This is my green camisole. It looks better on me, but I need a skin colored top (or a top of a color that goes with this green) to wear it. I am not comfortable showing my bra to everyone, and my tummy skin is rather private that too. But it's very nice :-)

Martha Stewart (yuk) has published an idea of yarn covered styrofoam eggs. I am thinking of temari eggs... I know which counts higher in my book. Yarn covered styrofoam eggs are so 70's.

Bakerella has a problem. She can't stop making cake pops. Good, I say. I love her cake pops.

Kate gives a tutorial on how to turn a small tin into a helper tin and here's a perpetual calendar. Wonderful idea. My Dearest Husband keeps wishing for somekind of a clock where he could see which mood I'm in. Now, that would be a solution :-D

Pretty checkerboard scarf.

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