Friday, April 24, 2009

I am a horrible snob...

I was reading the messages in a group of people who hate acrylics, and someone asked what we have used acrylics for... and someone said she has knitted A PONCHO of acrylics... now, I don't know about you, but ponchos are like a swearword in the knitting community... at least in the snobby better-than-though knitting community I am a member of. (Not proud of that though... I am really ashamed of that, but - at least I'm being honest.) Anyway, I almost screamed of horror. Someone in yarn snob group admits having knitted a PONCHO of ACRYLICS and she didn't seem to be the least ashamed of this confession!!!

In fact, she shouldn't. But I should... just for thinking that she should, just for thinking that she shouldn't share that kind of information, or another member shouldn't be sharing her projects which are not very well done nor advanced... I should be ashamed of myself. These people are doing things! That's reason enough to be proud of oneself, reason enough to be sharing that fact. It's wonderful! These people are doing the best they can, they should be proud of that and sharing that!

To another thing. I have almost constant pain in my joints, I should be walking to get more exercise and better condition than I do, but it hurts too much. This morning I was thinking that it feels as I was being hit on my legs with an axe, and then I thought that I don't know what that feels like, so I can't say that's how it feels. It feels as if I had training pains, growing pains AND I have twisted ankles and knees. And then something else... possibly sciatica. Though I can't tell because I have never had that either.
I have also occasionally fever, just a little, just enough to make me feel sick, just enough to strain all energy... and it is possible that I have Lupus. I might have hypothyroidism. I might have high bloodpressure due to sleep apnea. I have something... and something I DO have is pain.

*sigh* The doctors are working on trying to find out what it is. As for now, no-one knows.

Anyway, I love you all as always :-)


I very much want to do the following things:
little sheep
Little Cotton Rabbit's free patterns - the tiny animals are cute :-)
wee tiny elf sock
Alla's garden shawl
North Roë
Laura Martos' Serenity (see the list of free patterns on right)
Nutty Irishman's Juniper Mitts and Sourwood mountain mitts
Roman Sock's square chicks
Monkey Toes' socks and paraphernalia socks (you find those too in the right side link list - or at Ravelry)

BTW, here's Duduza dolls... I was talking about those some time ago :-)


Mary said...
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Kathleen said...

Heh, I know what you mean by feeling horror at the acrylic poncho. I've read that a lot in the fashion magazines - that the poncho is a jaded and "out" piece of 60's memorabilia. But I'm down here in Peru now and the poncho is a staple in every well-dressed woman's wardrobe. Not acrylic, but poncho all the same. Ponchos, capes, capelets, shawls, and scarves are all an indispensible item for women. The short black poncho over a pair of dress pants is almost the equivelant to the little black dress.

I think it's a cultural thing. I've from the US, and although I have a couple of ponchos, I haven't been able to find a suitable occasion to wear them, except out to walk the dog in the fall, but I honestly prefer a sweater.

Having said that, I totally LOVE to make them. I don't know why.

Anonymous said...

long time lurker here ; )

my grandmother made me the most horrible ponchos in the 1970's- all of rash inducing cheap acrylic. So, I'm traumatized.

But I have found a new use for the acrylic yarn- tawashi! pot scrubbers and I have been making them like they are going out of style!