Wednesday, May 06, 2009


I'm waiting for my needles... I found needles in 1 1/4, 1 1/2 and 1 3/4 - American sizes 00, 000 and 0000 - needles size 2 (0) are too big for me to knit socks with 60 stitches around... I should be knitting socks, but I'm tired of calculating and adjusting the patterns to my loose hand, I want to knit socks "just like that", following slavishly the pattern without needing to do anything about it. Most patterns loose that "something" when adjusted to 2/3 of the stitch count. Of course!

I would like to knit my stockings too, but I don't want to have rude, thick woollen stockings. I want nice, thin knit, like the stockings were still in 40's.

There's also a "mate, ohoy" theme in one of my sock groups, and I just found the cutest pattern:That would make really cute socks :-) BUT the gauge must come down a lot!

So - I'm really frustrated right now.

The fact that I am having a 24 hours blood pressure testing going on, and I am so fed up with this ---- thing that I just want to rip it off and throw away... and I have had it only 7 hours now... *sigh* It measures the blood pressure 3 times every hour at daytime and 2 times every hour during the night... I can't take it off, and I can't take off the t-shirt nor my bra this whole day... I can tell you that tomorrow morning when I go down to get it taken off, I will not be very fresh... or in a good mood :-D I suppose I won't sleep well tonight.
It also seems that there's nothing wrong with my blood pressure... It's about 130-140/80-90 90% of the time. That's quite normal for a 40 years old woman. So - all this trouble and discomfort and occasionally PAIN (yes, it tightens up and it feels as if my arm will soon fall off...) for nothing. But at least they can wipe that out of the possible reasons to my joint ache and fever attacks.

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