Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Sock summit...

Sock Summit 2009

I really would love to participate... It is going to be magnificent, fun, lovely, educational... a once in a lifetime moment. I will be having fun with my family in Finland... *sigh*

But - alas - I have to do it another way.
So I will knit the arch shaped knee socks from Vogue's ultimate sock book.
I will knit argyle socks in flat. Argyle socks are intarsia, you see, and that is best knitted in flat, because it's hard to knit intarsia in round... not impossible though. You just do it as if it was rose inlay... you move the yarn from left side to right side, knit it, tighten the stitches and carry on... ;-) Here's a stranded argyle pattern.
I will knit a pair of beaded cabled socks.
I will be testing different toes, heels, gussets and bind-offs and cast-ons, toes up and down. I'm especially interested in "toe chimney".
I will be experimenting with different color knitting ways.
I will be experimenting with the different knitting styles and try to speed up my knitting.
I will knit socks sideways.

I wish I would find Eclectic soles and New Pathways somewhere... And Elizabeth Zimmerman's Knitting Around. (2010 it's 100 years since Elizabeth Zimmermann was born... I can tell you, there will be a LOT of Zimmermania going on...) And Anna Zilboorg's Socks for Sandals and Clogs.

I wish I could participate in Lucy Neatby's double knitting class... Clara Parkes' finding true sock yarn happiness sounds like a great class too... Well... all of the classes sound great!

But, it's like...

"Our Luminaries:

* Cat Bordhi
* Nancy Bush
* Priscilla Gibson-Roberts
* Judith MacKenzie-McCuin
* Lucy Neatby
* Deborah Robson
* Meg Swansen
* Barbara Walker
* Anna Zilboorg

The panel will be moderated by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee and Tina Newton."

Wow. All these people in one place at the same time... Oh. These are people who are... whom I idol worship LOL
And just look at the list of teachers! OH! Even more idols! And all in the same place at the same time!!!

I will be knitting socks and wishing I was there...

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