Saturday, May 23, 2009

Fingers aching again...

Might it be the thin needles? I'm working on Absinthe socks from Knitty and to get the gauge I have to use 1.25 mm needles. Yes, US size 00000 (5/0). They are very fine needles...

It's not quick to knit, and I start understanding why people take a week or so with knitting a sock... with my loose hand, I only need to knit half the stitches to get a pair of socks.

I also started my Goddess Mystery Shawl.

It is a pretty shawl and I love the rainbow :-)

The third project I'm knitting doesn't have illustration. In Ravelry I'm knitting Cookie's socks in a sock-a-long. We are knitting through Cookie's new book, Sock Innovations. The first project is Glynis and I don't like it. So I am knitting Marlenes from Knit.1. magazine. I think they are exciting :-) I think it's interesting to form the pattern with twisted knits.

But my hands hurt. Probably not much knitting today. Perhaps the shawl... that's bigger needles and it's quick :-)

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