Friday, August 28, 2009

Now THAT's some SERIOUS Christmas Spirit!

I want some of that!

The fun starts at photo #250... My first reaction was OMG!!! This person is MAD as march hare! Or reindeer, perhaps... she removes EVERY PIECE OF NON-CHRISTMAS DECORATION and fills every possible place, from ceiling to floors, with Christmas! Then I thought, now... that's actually very Christmassy... I get happy by watching the photos :-) If I start now, I can crochet a couple of hundred meters red lace to decorate the book shelves with, make tomtehats to all animals, angels and familyphotos, and knit Christmas sweaters to everyone (except that hubby needs a Chanukkah sweater)... and then I need to make korknisser and Danish kravlenisser, and... what will I invent for the ceiling? I could be knitting meters of potato chip scarf and use that as decoration... If I used green fun fur, it should look a bit like evergreen garlands? Oh, and then I need to crochet some snowflakes... I could be making some poinsettias and tape them on the wall in a pattern, so it will look a bit like Christmas wallpaper... Hmm...

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