Saturday, August 22, 2009

Oh, my...

Polyvore is really addictive... Now I visited Ravelry and noticed that I have missed another SOS and my own private Sock Summit as well.

This year's SKA is going to be really good... on the other hand, just because a designer is not very well known, doesn't mean she isn't good :-) That's the way all begin, isn't it?

I brought some new yarn from Finland with me, some undyed 1-ply wool to knit shawls with, some really thick wool to knit something to be felted... or perhaps some shower things to my hubby... wool is really nice as back scrubber or soap cover, as it's a bit scratchy. :-) And it felts :-D

I really would like to get back to my artisan life :-) I have a new little book to be "altered" - it's a moleskin diary for this year, so 370 pages in leather covers :-) I have planned on filling it with pretty pictures and my favorite quotes, poems and such.

I participated in a swap and my swap pal is really lovely, but the post have lost my package! I hate swaps!

I have been thinking of organizing an OWOH but with breast cancer theme - all pink and to be able to participate, one must give something to breast cancer. Now, there's no way to check if the people have actually donated anything to breast cancer, but, hey, would anyone lie about that? After all, it's a question of putting a pocketful of coins in a collection bank somewhere or buying a bag of pink and white M&Ms. One doesn't need to donate hundreds of dollars, pounds or euros to be qualified... Would there be anyone interested? I wonder whom to contact about this... Hmmm...

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