Monday, May 09, 2011

Ha... I've said it everywhere but here...

I have designed two t-shirt for Zazzle:

The first one; Fight like a Girl, is for Fibromyalgia awareness. "Fight like a girl" is for all "girls" fighting for life threatening or limiting illness, and the ribbon for Fibromyalgia is purple. I hate purple. :-D Very appropriate :-D (As, naturally, I hate my fibromyalgia as well. Good to have something ugly representing something ugly.)
Anyway, here's some humor - I don't think people who hasn't lived with something like this understand even half of the jokes, but I found it hilarious :-D

The other one is English Springer Spaniel, as anyone can clearly see, laughing, as they do :-) That image is also on cups. I can put it on everything, if you want me to :-D I love it.

P.S. Today's design is a badger

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Charlotte said...

Love the Springer top, Springer's are my favourite breed, so I'll have to count my pennies and see if I can get it ;)