Saturday, May 14, 2011

More about egg art

A couple of years ago there was an egg decorating contest at Instructables. I was very upset about the fact that the contest was open to only Americans, and that I disagree very much with the jury's decision on the winner. I expressed this in "Today I'm whiny".

A couple of days ago I received a comment by "anonymous"

"I just came across you post on the egg that I created in 2008. I am so sorry that you thought my egg was boring and that you expected more from me since I was a Master in Egg Art. I was trying to create a piece of art that people that see it on Instructables could create for themselves. My intent, in any public forum, is to expose as many people as possible to egg art." 

I ASSUME it's Patricia, as she says "my egg", but I'm not sure, because she didn't sign the message. Nevertheless, this is my response to her:

Dear Patricia,

"Sorry my egg and my abilities disappointed you."
Frankly, it was the uninformed and stupid decision of the contest jury that disappointed me.

"Being inspired by something doesn't mean trying to duplicate it!"

Of course not. Especially when duplicating the egg is far beyond your capacity.
But, as you use pre-cut cabochons and findings, you could have also experimented a bit more and showed a bit more variation in the pattern. Now, you didn't and that's fine. Your egg is beautiful, which I have already said. It is just too simple and easy for a Grand Master of Egg Art. I bet it didn't take you long to glue it together. I bet it didn't take long to even "design" the pattern. I bet finding the opals was the hardest part in making this egg. And THAT is denigrating egg art, the competition and your rivals.
Now, that you don't have more respect for your co-competitors is one thing... but that the jury is so ignorant of egg art, that they choose an egg made with ready-made parts glued on an egg, THAT is the biggest offense of it all... and that everyone acts as if you had just invented Fabergé eggs! Anyone with a high-speed drill, glue and money can make an egg like that.

"The point is to post something on Instructables that others can do."

The point with the competition was to decorate an egg to celebrate Forbes' Fabergé egg exhibition.
The point with Instructables art section is to showcase your art.

And, interestingly enough, you don't give any instructions on how to make the egg.

This is your Instructables page on this egg: No instructions, just images.

Also, when someone asks you for instructions, you say "Please e-mail me @ --- for any more questions".

Not even with instructables the point is to post something EVERYONE can make.
Instructables is not exactly meant for beginners, Patricia. There are people of many different levels of skills, and not all instructables can be followed by everyone.

"My goal is to spark interest in and to promote egg art."

By participating in egg decoration contest with piece of "egg art" that didn't require much artistry nor skills to produce? An egg made as "something that others can do"?

I'm sorry, ma'am, but you fail in your goal and didn't even manage to make the point you intended when you created the "instructables" for your egg.

Sure, it's beautiful, but take a look at this:
Or this:
(very simple, just stuff glued on egg, not even a hinge there, but still better than yours.)
or this:
or this:
or these one from the competition:

You are seriously trying to tell me that the judgement was correct, that your egg was the best of them all, and you deserved to win with this boring, simple, mostly premanufactured egg of yours?

You ought to be sorry, but not because I'm disappointed. You ought to be sorry because you aren't.

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