Tuesday, May 03, 2011

So... I finally gave in.

 Good bye, my love...

I have moved to new Blogger templates, because Blogger started making it VERY difficult to upkeep my blog with the old one. :-(
I hate the fact that I have lost the easy way of controlling the HTML. I'm an old dog, I don't wish to learn new tricks. :-(
So - the comfort of my readers is important to me, and if it is impossible for them to get the access to my old posts, because Blogger refuses to show more than a couple of posts for each month - cannot be helped. I have to swallow my pride and "upgrade" my blog.
Well... What ever.
I still like Blogger better than Blogspot, and it's way better than Tumblr, Sharebook or what Yahoo! is offering.

Today I was learning more things about shibori. So nice that there are ways of dyeing fabric that I can use.
I learned how to cut Katazome - there is more about that on his webpage. (yay. I always thought I need the silk as screen to do this... thanks to the Japanese I now know I don't. I can "glue" the silk on the paper pattern, and get by :-))
I also watched "how to fuse plastic bags" as I found out that Etsy has a channel, (I'm really going to make myself a raincoat, rainhat and boots of plastic bags, and not those flimsy ones but real, thick ones - just to show that it works.)
and how to spin paper,
and something else, and  I was slightly... well... it looks so... complicated. Why hang the wool on your shoulder? And spinning against your thigh? What's with that? It's so much easier to give the spindle speed with your fingers. I don't get that. Looks really uncomfortable. Like not something you'd actually spin any amount of yarn to actually use for something.

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