Wednesday, May 11, 2011

More knots

To something different: knotting
This is Stormdrane's blog, where he shares about his hobby; knotting. I'm amused, as half of the things he does would be called something different if he was a woman. Knotting is manly, macramé and naalbinding is womanly. :-D

P.S. I actually wrote a little more to this entry, a couple of days ago, right before Blogger went down, as I noticed that I had forgotten to say the most important thing: go to see the site, it's very nice, inspirational and educational, and Stormdrane is really good at his craft.
Also, I'm not accusing Stormdrane of being a misogynist, not at all, but the crafting society. Even if a man would be knotting macramé, naalbinding or bobbin lace, it would be all OOOH and AAAAH in the crafting community. Just look at 90% of fashion designers, and Kaffe Fassett. I didn't even know who Alice Starmore was before I joined Ravelry.

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Stormdrane said...

Yes, knots/knotting and knotwork decorative and/or useful, go by different names, depending on who's doing the tying. ;)