Friday, August 29, 2008


Kody creates very nice free hat patterns and charts.
She mentioned the Xmas Tree Hat.

I was thinking of Diana Wynne Jones' books and the hat shop in Howl's castle... I'd like to get the same response to her books as Joanne Rowling's Harry Potter has received... Sure, there're no knitting mommies in Chrestomanci's world, but when has that stopped anyone?

When I think of knitted and crocheted hats for the hat shop, it's more this sort of things I'm referring to...
Vintage hat
hat and bag from 1960
Soft Brim casual hat from 1947
Draped beret from 1947
Yellow picture hat and bag from 1953
Lacy cloche - 1953
"Antique" hat patterns
hats and bags from 40's and 50's
Ladies' hat from 50's
Bobble hat
1940's luncheon date hat
sunlight hat
3-piece angora set

Not all of them are as fancy as I'd like, but in all the woman wearing the hat has a nice hairdo, makeup and clothes. Just a little care and consideration before one goes out the door, like Trinny and Susannah say ;-)

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