Sunday, August 31, 2008

Currently working on...

I decided to put the pictures on the right side this time, to create a little action... Er... I don't think I want that kind of action. But I'll let it stay.
One should do new things every day ;-)

The first picture is two socks in one - inside each other. It was supposed to be my Olympic mission, but - nah. I'm bored with socks right now.

Next one is the pink cotton I got from my sister and that I used to knit the Horseshoe Cardigan. The pattern was from Magknits, and Magknits is gone now, so - no pattern. And I found out that the last page of the pattern was missing... So I frogged the whole cardigan (The bodice was done) and thought of doing something else with the yarn. Now... I found the rest of the pattern. The creatrix had kindly put it in Ravelry... So now I'll start all over again and knit the horseshoe cardigan :-)

The next image is a cotton net cap to my hubby.

Magic Mirror socks. I started both at the same time on circular needle, but there was a little miss in the pattern and I chose to believe the Creatrix' word instead of my own common sense. So the other sock was "wrong", so I frogged it. Now I'm thinking of whether to knit it to this point separately and then join the socks and finish them together or not. But as said - I'm bored with socks right now. (And then I join the Sock Harvest... :-D I'm mad!)

The last beauty is Patricia Kristoffersson's doily. Patricia's specialty is structure... My crochet hook is a bit too small for the thread, so the doily gets a little squashed look, but it will be fine with a little blocking :-)

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