Monday, August 25, 2008

Indeed there's no updates!

I saw that the photo of the full knitting basket was almost the last thing posted here, and there has been some things happening after that...

First, here's the summer socks:

knit during the summer vacation in Finland:


Slipstitch socks andVictorian lace socks,

my brother's Yule socks

Crown socks.
There should be a picture of a pink buddy to these, with hearts,
I gave them to my sister as birthday present and I haven't got any pics yet.
I also knitted her a scarf, and I'd like to get pics of that too...
I bought the yarn from Finland to knit the snake socks, but the yarn is too thick...
so I experimented a little.
Two pairs of socks are on the needles, but the inspiration to knit socks is gone.
Also... I think there's some socks missing...

This is the crazy afghan I mentioned earlier. I just started crocheting
Free crochet, of the effect yarns I inherited from my mother...

And this is an try-out afghan.
I am taking different granny square patterns I think look interesting
and crochet them with wool of colors I think look if not nice, at least interesting together.

Flora from silk-wool I got in my first one skein swap.

This is my Olympic knitting - swallowtail butterfly shawl enlargened, with beads, of silk-merino yarn... it is dreamy soft and light, like clouds or dreams...
My hubby made a coup - he asked me to knit a white shawl, beautiful, with beads, and I thought he was to give it to a friend who has been very kind and generous... and then he said it was to a "friend" who is very kind and generous - to a woman he loves more than anything - to me. :-D
He didn't know anyone else who could have knitted it... now he knows that I have sisters who can. But I'm happy anyways, it was lovely to knit. Boring, but the yarn was lovely LOL

Mystic Lights KAL. I made a mistake with this, but I'm quite ok with the results anyway. Though the "painting" of the yarn didn't come through as I thought it would. Obviously it works well only in crochet.

Monk's travel sachet. Needs lining, because it stretches awfully.

Then there's a lace doily in a bag... It is the same doily that was being crocheted in the pic of the basket too, but I have managed to crochet a couple more rows :-D
It's a bit bigger, that's all. I'll post a picture when it's done.

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