Sunday, August 10, 2008

I feel so stupid!

On row 132 the pattern changed and I should have knit the purl side in pattern... I noticed this on row 165. I have been knitting the purl side pattern as knit side pattern and purling every other row straight - that means that I have knitted over 30 rows too many - and this is a shawl with 4 added stitches every other row - a lot of stitches on rows 135-165...

In my version the addition was every 4. row... One think I should have noticed there... >:-> I didn't. I just wondered why it was changed, but decided not to question the designer... X-D

I should take it all up and knit it right this time, but I am not going to. It doesn't get the pretty wavy, feathery border as it should, but it's bigger than it should and I like it that way. Besides, it's quite pretty this way too.

Besides, I should be participating in the Knitting Olympics, and it's already day 2 of the two weeks time, and I don't want to waste any more time.

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Meander said...

Hello! I was just passing through and checking out your blog. I think your knitting is admirable! Knitting feels so over my head, but I think it's really cool how passionate you are about it. (I also love your "girl scout" badges!)

Keep up the good work!