Monday, January 17, 2011


I found the Gifted magazine. Interesting.

They had a link to Nice Package blog on the last page, and even though it is a very beautiful, inspiring and interesting blog, I was slightly disappointed.

It did lead me to Sweet Paul e-zine, though, and to this recipe:

Purty! And sounds really delicious. The e-zine is full of nice recipes, beautiful photos and funny stories.

Well... the reason to why I found this was that I found Mimi Kerchner's "favorite" at Etsy, and there was Virginia and Costas the Owl... really pretty doll, made of air drying clay, not of porcelain clay or something other such material that is really difficult, practically impossible for me to use.
And then I found this aimi-dolls - a Japanese site telling exactly how to use air-drying clay to make these amazing jointed clay dolls...
(Here's Noah's doll, which was the tutorial I was thinking earlier... using materials that aren't very... available for me. Frankly, I can't even imagine where to find sawdust. Or what is "stone clay" and so on. So Aimi-dolls are practically the same thing, but made with air-drying clay.)

And one thing leads to another, so I found 365slöjd - a Swedish site with a craft project for every day of a year. It was started in May last year, so there's about a 100 crafts to do. It is in Swedish, but it's not rocket science to figure out what they are doing.

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