Tuesday, January 18, 2011

a little origami :-)

cute paper hearts, for example as earrings

the classic mini puff stars

Really cute as a garland :-)
(Now, I don't know if LBCpaper has made her hearts the same way, but that's one way of folding hearts from a strip of paper. Also, it's not my idea, I saw it at her Etsy shop first.)

How to make a reversible felt bonnet folklore style 

Vintage sewing info: how to make hats 

Making faux lead glass painting

P.S. This is about as kitschy as it comes when it comes to crafting... and I respect her more than myself, because she does SOMETHING, and THAT is ALL that matters in the end... :-)
Well done, Reshmi :-) May I be inspired by your passion :-)

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