Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Why didn't I think about it?

Funnily, my last post was my 500th post. Nice :-)

 This is Diane's paper doll... Why didn't I think about that?
I mean, I have been working with paper and cardboard all my life, and I'm really good with 3D thinking and patterns and such.
And I love dolls.
But no, this I have never thought :-D

Or this one...
I know they made furniture of papier mache back in France in the 18th century, and really pretty things too, as hard and durable as wood, if not more so.
That whole cabinet is made of corrugated cardboard (fiberboard). It is just as steady as a wooden furniture would be, but whereas carpentry is beyond my capacity, paperwork is not... also, there's plenty of material just lying around.
And for some reason I never thought of that.

Isn't it wonderful that there are people who do think about it? :-D
Because, another thing I'm really good at is copying. :-)

I love the cabinets with many drawers and doors and hidden compartments... I could make myself one, two, twenty... *sigh*
like this needle cabinet... or a hoosier (baker's) cabinet... "'Hoosiers" are distinguished by special features such as pull-out porcelain work areas, large flour bins, sugar bins, tin bread drawers, spice jars, pot and pan racks and many other features"
and secretary desks/cabinets... I just found out they make "secretary desks with curio cabinets":
Or the spice cabinets or apothecary cabinets...
Or antique filing cabinets, with the many different sized drawers... and haberdashery display cabinets and desks, "notions armoires", sewing cabinets and what nots :-D
I'm also pretty good at faux painting techniques... I COULD make it look like wood. Or something :-D

I don't NEED the item to BE old, just have the aesthetics...  Wood is, of course, the best, but I like the Chinese and Tibetan chests and Korean Dansus too, so painting the thing lacquer red and adding some details, like black handles and such... perhaps even make them out of polymer clay or salt dough or what ever ;-)
P.S. Go and admire this "Parian Peddler" doll... I'd like something like that... for my cabinet of curiosities...
P.P.S. If I had a house like House on the Rock collection, I'd collect:
suffragette memorabilia,
things about witches, witchcraft, divination, Paganism and alternative healing methods, and other such paranormal, supernatural, mythical, mystical and magical things :-)
Mythical beasts, especially dragons, unicorns and white deers
puppets - I want the world's largest hand puppet collection :-D
special effects
music boxes, clockworks and steampowered gadgets
Sabbath decoration - for each of the 8 Sabbaths, like some people collect Halloween, Easter and Christmas decorations
Musical instruments
Carousel animals and figure heads
Noah’s arks
peacocks and phoenixes


Tandblekning said...

Oh why oh why? Simple as it is starting from a paper doll ;)
I love furniture, and we can never have enough.

RageForTheMachine said...


Can you post a link to the round paper mache furniture with buddha statue?

Want to try to make it.

Ketutar said...

Here are a couple of links to the "chinese" cardboard cabinet: