Friday, January 28, 2011

My first basket :-)

I have finished my first ever basket, and I made it of newspaper wicker. :-)
I'm very proud of myself.
I also know that I NEED to learn more about basketry. My technique stinks :-D
Well... not really, the first basket, made as I remembered what I have picked up during these 40 years and some basic logic, actually holds. It IS a basket. It's not good, but it's not bad either. Very nice for the first attempt without "proper education" :-)
Also, I have bought some stuff from Tradera (internet auction in Sweden) and the things have arrived to the post office... I took the dog out to check how I'm feeling and now I'm fighting with a horrible anxiety. No going to post office today for me. *sigh*Also, my feet hurt. It feels like all the meat in the feet was bruised, and somehow there're thorns that dig in between the bones every now and then when I put my weight on the foot...

BTW, panic anxiety feels like you are in a photo and someone is crumpling the photo... the reality bends in a way that is not possible, making the walls fall on me, or my arm bend in an unnatural angle towards my breast... and none of this is happening, it's just in my head, it FEELS AS IF... Weird.

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