Friday, April 01, 2011

Countdown to Beltane, Day 1

Today is April Fools' Day. It's 30 days to Beltane, the feast of feasts and song and dance and merrymaking and lovemaking...

I am going to post a similar countdown to Beltane as I posted to Ostara, and the same goes as for Ostara countdown; if you leave comments, I'll link to your blog, or if you leave links to an interesting page, I'll link to that.

I appreciate comments, it would be enough to just say ":-)" or "thanks for posting this", if you find it hard to express your thoughts. Just give me a little word to remind me I'm not alone. :-)

I was reminded of the difficulty of reading heavy posts, so I will be sharing the information into three:
in this blog will be all crafts, daily ornament and such,
in Homes4Her will be information relevant to household, living and general holiday information and
in Goddess Food will be all the recipes and meny suggestions.

You might wonder about my choice of separator line?
No. This one is fully Pagan, a symbol of female genitalia, has the same form as the mandorla and thus is a perfect symbol for Beltane.

Fish is also the symbol of April 1st. Poisson d'avril, the April Fish, is what April Fool is called in France. The March-April issue of Marie Claire Idées is usually full of fishes made in different art and craft methods, and in France they give chocolate fishes to each other on this day. Sounds like a much better tradition than the practical jokes version.

Ornament of the Day

Fish ornaments: #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6, #7

Other fishy things for today; fish hat, fish toy for cat, fish potholder and fish bag
Maybe you could fill the hat or bag with among other things candy fish and give as a present?

Another idea for craft for today: crocheted puzzle afghan
You can use any motifs, there's plenty of free patterns online.

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