Thursday, April 07, 2011

Some of my dolls

Easter bunnies made of polymer clay and cloth, lace and satin ribbon
Together with Doris, the other of my fake Staffordshire spaniel pair,
and a cute little pottery badger, not made by me, and our Chanukkiah.

 Yehuda Ha-Makabi, Jude Maccabean, for my Jewish husband and Chanukkah :-)
But we like him so much, he may stay all year around :-D
Together with an easter bunny I crocheted, little mermaid from Denmark, my beautiful cow pot (not made by me) and a blackbird :-)
Knitted and embroidered

Winter's Spirit, polymer clay, yarn, knitted, sewn, glued... 
and because I only have an automated camera and it's white, the photos aren't good.

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