Sunday, April 17, 2011

Nesting dolls 2

previous posting about nesting dolls here

Now I own two old nesting dolls. The first one was in too good shape for me to be able to sand it down and repaint it. The other is not.

But - as time has passed since the last time, and I haven't decided yet anything, here's a bit more inspiration on how to repaint nesting dolls (or maatuskas as we call them in Finland)

 Irina Troitskaya's arctic series... I love ALL her sets. 
I somehow like the simple white decor... like with these, by Abbey Hendrickson

There is something I like with these "nesting birdies" by Christo de los Rabitos
It's from his Deviant Art account that is inactivated. :-(

The following three are by "The Colorful World" at I love them :-)

Or these monsters, from Matryoshka Madness. Simple and nice :-D 
I don't think I'll make something like that anyway.

But - the original Russian nesting dolls have some charm... They are kind of personal and have nice colors.

Somehow reminds me of Inner Content's dolls...

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Anna Lear said...

What great inspiration! I've never seen such unusual (and beautiful) renditions of nesting dolls -- when you repaint yours please do show them!