Monday, September 01, 2008

For The Love of Yarn

Ok... For The Love of Yarn

I wasn't supposed to do this today... I was supposed to go to the library and fetch two knitting books I have ordered from the library. Meg Swansen's lace knitting book, and a German mitten knitting book. I have also a pile of knitting books I have already borrowed from the library waiting for me to read them, take what I want and use them as inspiration for my own designs and spin-offs... But here I am. Writing my block. Surfing.

I went through my papers and wrote a to do list for the four months before Christmas. I was reminded that I need to go and print out the article about Estonian lace knitting, and that lead me to another place and so on... and finally For The Love of Yarn... and then I couldn't resist coming here and sharing the link with all of you :-)

Shall I trace my steps?

Snail pattern - suggested by Fleegle as a "refreshener" (along with Roman Sock's small amigurumis). Fleegle's blog I found because of "nupps" - nypyt suomeksi. (I didn't have any problems with nupps... I think it's really cute they are called nupps :-D
I also found Lacefreak's blog and had a very interesting, wonderful, aweful and humbling experience with watching Amanda comb wool... That someone does that still today with all the machines and factories... and then she'll spin it, and will spin enough laceweight yarn for a shawl... how much time that will take, how much patience, peace... Uh... Oh... I am at awe... (Yes, aweful, not awful ;-))
Also Bad Cat Designs and Summer Lace Samples Wrap project.
And here's "Encyclopedia of Knitting"

Now I'm going to check the Crochet Gatherings CALs for September and the Haybarn for sock harvest, and then I'll vanish back into my bed to do what I'm supposed to be doing :-D (That is - knitting socks)

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