Saturday, October 07, 2006

Afghan fever

Picture from Mason Dixon knitting "Please, pass the garter stitch"

This blog entry started with me taking a look at my sock pal's blog. She is part of "Knit A Square For Grandmother Purl".
It's not too late, you know...
And there was some links to blogs with pictures of this kind of collected afghans, and among them (another Finn :-); Tilkkusisko ("Patch-sister") with her blog Tilkkupeitto ("Patch blanket") a link to Mason Dixon knitting, and there was this inspiring picture.

Now, that reminds me of THIS inspiring picture... look also at the afghan on her bed... I really want to make an afghan like that... Not quite so "colorful", but of different rose squares...

Now, when one makes a search with "rose afghan square", there's a lot of patterns available, but one also finds OTHER things...
This is Apache Rose, a pattern one can buy from "Crochet With Attitude".

The Yellow Blossom Square
Patty's Collection of Crochet Afghan Squares
Rose on the square afghan at HGTV
Canadian Living: Rosettes

I just love rose quilts...

P.S. Isn't this bear-ghan just cute! LOL
P.P.S. I also found "October Awareness Square" - an absolutely lovely pink ribbon square :-)
(Which, naturally reminds me of that October is the Breast Cancer Awareness Month;

It's a FREE CLICK, takes just some seconds of your time, but the very much needed pennies to the cause. It might save someone's life... SO GO AND CLICK!!!

P.P.S. Edited 8.11. Rose bath puff - fully usable as afghan or bedspread quilt kind of thing too...
And if you make two large hexagons, and knit them together, you have a very cute little bag.
P.P.P.S. Edited 11.11. Huge crocheted rose and a cute crocheted rose :-)

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