Wednesday, October 25, 2006

batteries and swaps

Now I finally have the batteries for my camera... a looooooong month without being able to take pictures...
I received the Hot Socks swap package today :-)
Really nice!

Some peacock colored sock yarn :-)
*yum* I have already made it to balls :-)

Pretty socks in nice colors, will work perfectly with the Monet yarn and my handbag, which I have mentioned earlier. (Poor Jessica :-()
(No, they are not perfect, but I love them anyway. For some weird reason I haven't got many socks knitted for me during my life... My first pair was knitted for me by my darling aunt, and they are pink, light blue and black and look like English liquorice candy LOL I love them. The second was the pair that killed me in Sock Wars - yes, a month ago. This is the third pair. No, now I'm lying. My sister gave me one pair at Yule present when I was about 12. So this is the fourth pair of socks I have ever got.)

A can of Ghirardelli chocolate powder :-) See a little something left in my big cup :-) It's yummy :-)
Some very pretty stitch markers :-)
And KnitScene with some really nice projects I was dreaming about yesterday, when I visited Interweave's homepage LOL

Now I just have to find all the swaps I have received and collect the pieces and take pictures...
The August Feline Flip Flop was absolutely fabulous LOL My swap pal had really had fun putting it together :-D And I had a lots of fun opening the package :-) Lovely :-)

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Looks great!