Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Nanowrimo and other things

Yep, I did write something... I think it was about 5000 words. Good story :-) I am good at starting writing LOL

So, it's time this year :-) Only a month to November, and National Novel Writing Month :-)

But... I feel python... Panic anxiety... Really "nice" thing :-> If your bullied kid won't start shooting around in the school, she'll kill herself in a way or another :-) And some people are worried about "sock wars"... *tsk, tsk, tsk*

To more pleasant issues.

Two-end knitting :-)

I made a swatch to remind me of it, and it's still fun. It's basically as knitting with two colors, but you'll twine the yarns around each other all the time. You'll get a very soft and thick fabric, which I can think would fit well as dishcloth. I want to make myself a wintercoat that way :-)

The swatch looks pretty awful, as I don't have any place to let it dry under tension, except my bed, and the dog loves to sleep on the pins... fakir dog Boris :-D

Now here's the right and "wrong" side, and you can see the twined yarns on the backside of the patch. On the right side, you can see the pattern. There's the two horizontal lines, "chains", and five small squares in the middle. If you make this with one color (still two yarns) the chain effect and the squares show more clearly.

The cast-on is done with three different colors, and I made it wrong - I forgot to twine the yarn... *blush* - and it's too tight, but one can see that one needs to be very careful to cast this loosely, and end tightly :-d Not like I did, cast on tightly and bind off loosely LOL

BTW, I was wrong with my previous entry about two-end or twined knitting. Two-toned brioche is not twined knitting. It's brioche :-) "Patenttineule" suomeksi, "patent" på svenska.

The Knitting Fiend: Brioche Stitches

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