Thursday, October 26, 2006


I love needlework. It's so easy and pretty :-) It speaks to the homewify girly romantic Victorian part of my soul :-)

Look at these things:
The Needles With Eyes

And minimysteries, embroidered by Karen Rachael Buttler... Exquisite!!!
Ellynderia's minimysteries
Solslett's minimysteries
Annette's minimysteries
Anna's mini mystery J

I love the Chatelaine designs... So inspiring, addictive and beautiful :-)

The thing is that I am embroidering an Imbolc throw or afghan of what to call it. But I keep pushing it out of my mind all the time, and making all kinds of other things before it. And this irritates me... the thing is worth getting done and I'd love to use it and be proud of my work, but... it's not "important". I think I need to make it important...
Ok, I'll do that the first thing next year, before I do anything else.

About Nan Halberg
Sounds like an interesting woman. :-)

BTW, I love temari balls...
Here's some more instructions ;-)
And here's a little more...
and then some ;-)
And just a little bit more :-D

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DrinkingTea said...

Those are petty pictures. I came across this while googling 'finnish needlework' as I was looking for some stitches. Thanks!