Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Ok... time to write something here...

Er... hmm... uh... What to write in a block?

It's the last of Socktober, and I managed to knit one pair of socks. One pair. Me - one (1) pair. I, who can knit a pair of socks in 12 hours. I'm a little disappointed, but... There will be more Socktobers :-)

Tomorrow will start Lacevember. Let's see if I can produce something then. Hopefully.

I have been thinking about wash- and dishcloths. I have drawn a couple of charts, and should knit them to see if they work and what they will look like.

I have been making my Samhain / Halloween swaps... Here's a "bat kids in bed". It looked so hilarious I just had to take a picture :-D The black thingy in the background is Nekoyama's Amineko cat being made. Legs, tail, ears, muzzle and face are missing, but he has already a silk ribbon LOL

I have also made a double-knit "mössa" (beanie) to my hubby.

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