Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Ok, it IS the Socktober after all...

Picture is The Northwoods Holiday Sock Collection from Blackberry Ridge - time to knit those Yule socks!

Mystery Sock KAL
You don't need to be part of it to make a favor for all sock knitters around the net and create illustration to a sock pattern. All the sock patterns are worth knitting, and some of them might even be beautiful ;-)

Here's sock knitters

Here's a very nice Norwegian page "Sokker 2006" with a challenge for every month.
The patterns are mostly in English
See what Baglady made of them :-)

Here's Nanette Blanchard's photos of socks...

and just look at Blackberry Ridge's Sock kits and collections... (scroll down...) Don't these pictures just make you want to knit socks?

I wish I was rich... I'd buy all these patterns and all the yarns needed and knitted, knitted, knitted...

And a small reminder ;-)
June 18th:

You can check out my Yahoo! album for "socks" to see which socks I'm planning on knitting ;-)

The links to the socks on my album are mostly on these blog entries at Yahoo! 360
Socks, socks and more socks... and More sock links

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