Wednesday, January 17, 2007

12 Days of Yule dishcloths

Now I have posted all the instructions to the 12 dishcloths :-)
Partridge in a pear tree
two turtledoves
three French hens
four calling birds

five golden rings
six geese a-laying
seven swans a-swimming

eight maidens milking
nine ladies dancing
ten lords a-leaping

eleven pipers piping
twelve drummers drumming

Someone said that she's knitting an afghan with these squares for her favorite aunt as Christmas present :-) I'm very flattered and glad about that :-) I hope her aunt will like it :-) (Well... I like anything my niece gives to me, especially when she has made it herself, so I think she will... but I'm nevertheless very flattered, delighted and humble about my design being accepted by a niece *blush* :-))

Have fun :-)

Edited 30th of July:

I am currently going through these, and have found two errors in French Hens and one in Calling Birds - these have been corrected in the pattern.
As far as I can see the four first patterns are clean now, but if you spot other errors there, please inform me :-)


Edited 31st of July 2007
Rings, Geese and swans are clear now... I HOPE!!!

Edited 2nd of August (Happy Lammas, everyone :-))
Milking Maiden cleared - what a mess a single counting error can cause!

Edited 8th of September 2008
Pipers piping - row 18 had P3, should have had P4
Ladies dancing - rows 30 and 48 - row 30 was K13, should be K11 - row 48 had K1P and it should be K10 :-)
I will knit these too to be sure :-)


Kelley said...

What a sweet idea. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Wow, these are really neat. Thanks for taking the time to chart and write them out!

Anonymous said...

These are so nice. Thank you for sharing them with everyone. Glynda

Anonymous said...

I think your wonderful to share these with us! I think this has been my best Christmas gift! It will contuniue to keep giving as im planning on making lap quilts with the 12 squares and donateing them to old folks homes! Marion (

Anonymous said...

thank you for the patterns
i will be making dishcloths and maybe th afghan
my neice is learning to knit
she wants a holiday afghan
i will give her the yarn & the links to patterns

Anonymous said...

What a fun idea! If I start now, I might be able to get a set ready by next Christmas :).

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for all your hard work in getting these up on the net. I just found your blog which is wonderful and I cannot wait to get started on these for gifts for my family. Thank you for sharing!

Pikaboo said...

These are so neat. I'm just learning to knit and can't wait to get started on these. I like the afghan idea, if I start now maybe I'll have it done in time for Christmas!!

PJ said...

I am knitting a blankets in memory of my sister who died on Dec 12th. Yhey are being given to cancer patients who are fortunate enough to have the wonderful team she had caring for her
during her long hospital stay. These pattersn I think would make a lovely gift to my sister's daughter, becasue my sister LOVED Christmas. My neice gave birth to a beatiful little boy on Dec 11th. my sister although groggy was able to specaker to her in the delivery room and her the baby cry, bless cell phones. We were able to retrieve pictures send over the cell (thank God I have 5 savy daughters who knew they blow them up fpr her to see them, thans to a nurse who gave them a computer and a printer) We put pictures of little Terrrence Michael all over her IV pole and where ever else she was able to see. Shortly after she slipped into a coma, cradling the blanket I had knit for the new baby and wearing a swweater I had knit for m Dad (it still smells of his after shave). Lord, it's 4 in the morning you must think me daft!! Thank you for sharing them. My to do list gets larger and larger, but I'm knitting through my grieving, it's one of the rare times I feel like I am "normal", I have to concentrate so my mind doesn't have time to wonder. Merry Christmas, a little early.

PJ said...

I need spellcheck. Sorry

Ketutar said...

Dear Granny :-)
I don't think you're daft or in need of spellcheck :-) I think you are lovely and it makes me very happy to know that I can help you in your grief in some way :-) Your story is lovely, thank you for sharing it :´)

Anonymous said...


Just wanted to say your patterns are great, and thanks so much for sharing these. This was very thoughtful of you. Have a great day.
Thanks Again

Ketutar said...

I was just informed that there are some errors in some of the patterns.
I will go through them and post the corrections in blog :-)

Sorry for the inconvenience,

Anonymous said...

Very nice patterns I can't wait to try and make them. Do you know which ones have the mistakes so that we can start making the ones that are correct? What needle size do you use?


Ketutar said...

I'm sorry I don't know. I'll find out as soon as I can - I found out there ARE errors yesterday by midnight and it's only 6 hours ago, so... But I'm working on it, and I will keep you informed.
There's graphs posted by every square, so it should be possible to "catch" the errors as you go. "Partridge in a Pear Tree" seems to be ok though ;-)


Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for the Yule dishcloth patterns! They are wonderful and I appreciate all your time charting and writing them out.

beanchild said...

seeing these patterns makes me glad i took up knitting! they are beautiful and i look forward to working on them. thanks so much for sharing!!

Anonymous said...

Ket, Thank you so very much for the 12 days cloths, they look knit-a-licious. I cant wait to make them. You are kind for sharing.
Tweety N VA

DawnK said...

Wow, that must have been a lot of work. They are so cute!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for revising your patterns...........It was very helpful......there for a while I thought I was doing them wrong and kept ripping them out. thankyou for helping me keep my

Simply Incognito said...

THANK YOU!!!! These were EXACTLY what I was looking for!

My Aunt has not left my Uncles side since he got hurt and went into a nursing home. I can't be down there right now... but I hope that a little something from my hands to her shoulders would let her know how much I love and think of them.

Again, I sure appreciate this!

gini farnham

Kathy said...

My family name is Partridge. I will be knitting this afghan on a plane trip to Australia, hoping to finish as a Christmas gift to my parents. What a perfect design! Thank you so very much!

LongmontKathy on Ravelry

Ketutar said...

Thank you all so much for the feedback :-) Makes me want to do a couple more :-D

ReenieLynn said...

These charts are beautiful, I found them last November and used them for a lapghan for my parents Christmas present. I would love to send you some pictures and ask permission to show it off in my own blog.

Ketutar said...

But, of course, Renee :-) I'd be happy :-)

bassrn said...

We have been very blessed by your creativity and generosity! Discovery these patterns was my best Christmas present. I just finished "Partridge in a Pear Tree" and plan on keeping these for myself (at least for now :) - SD Miracle

Ketutar said...

Oh,thank you :-) I'm so glad these are for joy for people :-)

Anonymous said...

What size needles are best for doing these?

Ketutar said...

I really can't say... I use 3 1/2 (mm, European size, don't know what they are in American), but I knit very loose, and want my dishcloths loose... so - use any yarn and any size needles you usually use to knit washcloths.

If this is the first time for you to knitting washcloths, use WW (worsted weight) and 4.5 (US7) needles.

Here's a table showing what size needles to use "normally" - that is if your hand is not very loose or tight - with what thickness of yarn. :-)

Anonymous said...

I have questions on a couple of these patterns. Specifically line 27 on the 3 french hens pattern and lines22 and 28 of the 12 drummers drumming. Please look at these lines. Thanks