Friday, January 19, 2007

So many rods in the fire...

I really need to get the socks on the paper, better than just this:

and this is what I am doing... crocheting tulips for no reason what so ever... Isn't it interesting how the mind works? "Now I'm going to write down a couple of sock patterns, and then it's done". An hour later you sit there with a nice pattern, that would look nice as a little girl's spring jacket. You can make the leaves in green, and the rest in what ever color you want. For example, have the background in light blue and flower line in pink... Oh so cute!
Or you could make a square in an aran crochet afghan. It's rather easy pattern, and I can think of many uses :-) And I can think of many different applications ;-)

Uh. Back to socks.

Er... are you sure you wouldn't rather have a new washcloth pattern? *she asks hopefully*

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