Sunday, January 21, 2007

Dogs do play with yarn...

Dogs play with yarn. Here's the photo evidence. He had the yarn THREE TIMES around his neck, and once around back legs, and it was also twisted around a chair on the right of me from where I stood taking the picture. It took me about an hour to clear the mess.
Oh, and about the mess... I didn't realize how messy my home is before taking this picture. I told my hubby that I can't possible EVER publish this photo, but he said that it's a good photo, and I'm a good person, even though my home looks like a garbage pit. Well, that mess is cleaned up as well. But I'm still ashamed.
But as my hubby says, if anyone judges me by the cleanliness of my home, it's THEIR problem, not mine. But I think it's my problem. It's *me* living here, not they. Anyway... I took the picture without noticing how messy it is, and it's just a good picture. Of dog playing with yarn.
Funny enough not one of our cats played with yarnballs like this. And one of them was totally cord crazy. Couldn't see a yarn, thread or cord without jumping on it. Except my crafts.

(Edited 22.1.
Now it's official... I'm stupid honest.

If your house is really a mess and a stranger comes to the door,
greet them with, "who could have done this? We have no enemies."

~Phyllis Diller

From Turkeyfeathers blog )

The other picture is of my peacock socks. The pattern will be at Socknitters' sock challenge book, which is going to be free on-line. So, keep your eyes open, I suppose the book will come out this year.


Lori in Michigan said...

Your socks are beautiful!

Anonymous said...

I had to stop resting my yarn balls on my coffee table while knitting. My corgi has an awesome tail hook that would catch the yarn as he walked under my legs and then drag my unravelling yarn all over the house. One evening ended in me laughing so hard I almost wet myself while DH and bratlings ran around the house recovering yarn.